All readings are done online via Zoom. Everything that we need to set up the session will be sent to you once you have booked through the blue links bellow.  

I work with people on a one-off basis and also through ongoing consultation. Which ever way works for you, works for me too! Please see more information about the meaning of natal chart readings bellow the booking links. 

Our First Reading Together
I offer a prepared in-depth reading of one hr and a half or an intutative 50 minute session. I suggest that for the first session, you choose the in-depth option so we can deeply explore your natal chart. I offer the shorter session so that astrology is accessible to all! Please choose whichever one works. 

Ongoing Consultation
At the end of our first session I would explain what this process could look like. For every person I work with who wants to take it deeper, there is a different set up that fits the bill. Please see an explaintion of ongoing consultation at the bottom of this page.    

Book a session

In-depth Natal Chart Reading 
One hr and a half // £111
Includes the one hr and a half reading, my one hour preparation time for the session, a questionnaire, a recording of the session and a PDF of your natal chart.

Intuitive Natal Chart Reading 
50 minutes // £85 
Includes the 50mins reading, a recording of the session and a PDF of your natal chart.

Cosmic Coaching Session  
A deep process with Courtney Suddes and myself. Please book if you are diving into this longer journey.

Follow up sessions 
50 minutes // £85
Includes 50 min reading and recording of the session.

The natal chart is a diagram that plots the configuration of our Solar System when you were born, using your date, time and place of birth as reference points. This diagram is a symbolic map of your inner psyche and provides clear insights into your life path. A deep and thorough understanding of your chart helps to tune into the meaning behind your life events, to come to know your unconscious shadow and to tap into your life’s purpose. Through the initial reading you will be introduced to the major themes of your life’s journey and given a broad overview of your psychological configuration. I work with people on a long term basis, and this session is essential for gaining a solid foundation from which to start the astrological process and for getting to know each other, so we can go on the deep journey of coming to know the inner workings of your soul!

I work with people on an ongoing basis, in order to integrate the teachings of the chart and to track whats happening from moment-to-moment. Your natal chart is being activated in different ways as the wheel of time turns, due to the relationships between the planets in the sky and the planets in your natal chart. These relationships gives invaluable information regarding the hidden meaning of your outer life events. Knowing our transits helps us to flow with life, so our inner world matches with our outer world and we reach a state of peace. Whether we are going through challenging times or enjoying abundance, using both the technique of transits and working with the age point helps us to skilfully navigate and make sense of this colourful experience called life!


'Mind blown over the intuition, warmth and energy I feel when am having my reading with Florence. The searching exploration of light and shadow in the planets and the stars feels like magic to me and her knowledge and natural abilities make me feel settled, curious and excited.’ Jules Kosciuczyk

‘I am not the sort of person who believes in seers or horoscope, but Flo is a gifted astrologer whose profound understanding and insight into the natal charts has left me astounded and keen to follow a path of self and professional development. The fact that she could convince someone like me to return for a second reading, is a testament of her great skills and ability to reflect with accuracy what she sees on my charts - sensed and translated with complete accuracy. If you want to go deeper on your path of self-development, soul healing and seeking a deeper understanding of yourself and your karmic patterns, Flo is definitely the one for you.’ Ifeoma 

‘I first met Florence at a bit of a turbulent time, and her insight was incredibly clarifying and helped deepen my understanding of both the way astrology works, and of myself in a personal and wider context. The experience and her reading of my natal chart really chimed with me in an amazing way that gave me goose bumps! It was informative whilst also being a collaborative discussion and one of Flo's strengths for me lies in her ability to quickly recognise the relevance of the chart to your life, and express it so exactly, whilst also keeping an open discussion that is not overly prescriptive. It feels like we are working it out together, whilst she is sharing invaluable perspective and intuition. I would recommend to anyone who has any curiosity in astrology or wants to understand themselves and their journey within another frame of reference.’ Marion 

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