'Mind blown over the intuition, warmth and energy I feel when am having my reading with Florence. The searching exploration of light and shadow in the planets and the stars feels like magic to me and her knowledge and natural abilities make me feel settled, curious and excited.’ Jules

“I found my reading with Flo so incredibly insightful at a time of great change in my life. The way she articulates what is going on in the chart is beautiful and she’s given me so much to think about. Not only is she reading the chart data but she also imparts so much wisdom and knowledge from her own experience. I would love to have more readings with Florence in the future for more guidance and clarity.” Hannah

“Intuitively channelled and blended with an emotional and psychological understanding beyond her years, it made for an illuminating and at time's surprising venture into the realm of astrology and Past Lives.  I am richer for it and look forward to my next consultation. What stood out for me was Florence’s quick understanding and appreciation of issues within my own personality which she deftly placed in the light of previous lives and karmic issues. What I take from the reading is a new perspective on my life, having an eye-opener to the universal direction my life should be taking. A thought provoking and illuminating experience, looking forward to my second opportunity to learn more .........yes definitely enjoyed the process.” Ian

“It’s such an amazing experience to get to know yourself more, and know what areas you thrive in which maybe you thought were hindering, and what you didn’t realise could be causing pain, and then how to work on that. Flo’s style of describing and moving through the chart really resonates with me. I’m really grateful for all the extras she gave me too, like what books to read and comparing planetary behaviors to other characters for context.” Laura

“Flo has the ability to articulate a complex, vast and deeply informative subject in such a creative, interconnected and reflective way. I find myself mesmerised by her knowledge of astrology.  Each time we meet I learn about the nature of each planet and the richness of the star signs and how they relate to my place in the universe. I love how she weaves in aspects of mythology making it an all-round holistic and in-depth experience. I always come away feeling clearer, more grounded and able to digest all that I have received. The recordings she makes are really helpful as a reflection tool to keep coming back to.” Laurie

“It was such a magical experience to have my charts read for the first time with Florence. She speaks about everything with high emotional sensitivity and sympathy, but also in an objective way. I felt very supported throughout the session, and was able to get directions on quarterions that boggled me for a while. After the session, I felt very relieved and liberated. It is a very good vibe that I feel is staying with me!”

‘I am not the sort of person who believes in seers or horoscope, but Flo is a gifted astrologer whose profound understanding and insight into the natal charts has left me astounded and keen to follow a path of self and professional development. The fact that she could convince someone like me to return for a second reading, is a testament of her great skills and ability to reflect with accuracy what she sees on my charts - sensed and translated with complete accuracy. If you want to go deeper on your path of self-development, soul healing and seeking a deeper understanding of yourself and your karmic patterns, Flo is definitely the one for you.’ Ifeoma

‘I first met Florence at a bit of a turbulent time, and her insight was incredibly clarifying and helped deepen my understanding of both the way astrology works, and of myself in a personal and wider context. The experience and her reading of my natal chart really chimed with me in an amazing way that gave me goose bumps! It was informative whilst also being a collaborative discussion and one of Flo's strengths for me lies in her ability to quickly recognise the relevance of the chart to your life, and express it so exactly, whilst also keeping an open discussion that is not overly prescriptive. It feels like we are working it out together, whilst she is sharing invaluable perspective and intuition. I would recommend to anyone who has any curiosity in astrology or wants to understand themselves and their journey within another frame of reference.’ Marion

"Getting a composite done with Flo was such a great idea because it really allowed me to get a holistic view of the relationship. It's given me the tools to understand what's happening and occurring, especially in the context of my own natal chart. Also its a not a binary approach; "this is bad or this is good" but really  digging deep into how complex relationships can be.‘ Afreen

“The reading resonated with me hugely. I think what stood out the most was translating things you sort of already know about yourself/your life and also hearing new things, that somehow dont feel new either. I found it very insightful and inspiring. I think I’ll be taking the focus on the bigger picture with me. I felt like my chart reading was full of lots of helpful advice that I will be using.” Tyson

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