Terms and Conditions

  • Astrology is a powerful tool that can raise our self-awareness and set us off on the healing journeys that our soul longs for. Please only absorb the information in the session that makes your soul sing. If anything comes up in the session that doesn’t sit right, discard it! This is a co-collaboration and we will be exploring your archetypes together but you know your chart better than any astrologer! 

Cancellation Policy
  • Your reading is important to me and I spend time preparing for our chart reading and block off time to work with you. Taking this into account please provide 48 hours of advanced notification if you need to cancel.
  • Refunds are only given for cancellations made 48 hours or more prior to the appointment time.
  • I understand that delays happen in life.I will wait 15 minutes after the allocated time for the appointment, but if you miss this time frame, I will consider it a missed appointment subject to the terms above.

Other Terms and Conditions 
  • If there is a technical issue with Zoom that is outside of my control that prevents me from sending your session, I am afraid that would just be something we just have to live with. I can’t give a refund for technical issues that are outside of my control.

    I look forward to our session. Florence

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